Treatment and Preventive Measures Against Crabs STD (Pubic lice)

How to Cure Crabs (STD):

Nowadays, pubic lice are completely cured after a course of treatment with special medications, destroying the body of parasites and their eggs. Before using medical products, it is desirable to completely shave pubic and perineum.

As pubic lice can hide in bed linens or clothes, you should soak things in hot water and add bleach to it.

Also we remind that lice incubation period can take a week, if that was your first crab STD infection and about several hours – if it is a recurrence, so notify your sexual partner of partners if you’ve been infected.

Note: don’t use any kind of fogs or fumigants if you’ve been infected with pubic lice. They are totally useless and even worse – they can be toxic and can lead to different kinds of health and skin problem in the future.

Crabs pubic lice prevention


  1. Always follow instructions while using medications. Improper treatment and non-reliable stepps can cause negative side effects.
  2. Inform your sexual partner and people you’re living with to avoid the spread.
  3. Avoid sexual intercorse till lice would completely disappear.

How to Avoid Crabs STD:

  1. Personal hygiene.
  2. Do not use other people’s clothes and things.
  3. Avoid sleeping on potentially suspicious bedding.
  4. Limit your sexual contacts.
  5. Regular washing and replacement of bed linen and clothes.
  6. Ironing linen and clothes.