STDs FAQ – Most Common Questions

Here we summed up some common questions about STDs. This is the first page, dedicated to them, if you didn’t find the answer to your question on that very page, please, check up other similar pages called “STDs FAQ”.

FAQ - Stop STD

Question: I have some of the symptoms, does it mean that I have an STD?

Answer: Unfortunately it is absolutely impossible to make a diagnose on the basis of symptoms, especially if they are pretty common like abdominal pain or nausea. The only way to know whether you have STD is to consult with your therapist. Don’t hesitate if you suspect STD, as it can affect not only your quality of life, but other people.


Question: How do women know if they have chlamydia?

Answer: This could be a problem as chlamydia is known as one of the ‘silent’ STDs – no symptoms for a long time is a typical behaviour. The most noticeable symptoms are burning during the urination and vaginal discharge. Please, also don’t forget about your partner. If you have such kind of suspicions – you both will need to be treated.

For more information, please, read the article on this page.


Question: The point is that’m a virgin, but I gone down on my girl, is there a chance to get STD that way?

Answer: Yes, you have a chance. For bacteria there is no difference what body-part was in contact with the infected zone. Non-protected anal, oral or vaginal sex, even if there were no penetration, can cause STDs. We recommend you to use latex condoms for all types of sex to prevent STDs.