STDs FAQ – Most Common Questions

Here we summed up some common questions about STDs. This is one of the pages, dedicated to them, if you didn’t find the answer to your question on that very page, please, check up the other similar pages called “STDs FAQ”.

FAQ - Stop STD

Question: Can I cure STDs?

Answer: Yes, you can and no, you can’t. That depends on the certain STD, for how long you have it, general condition of your body and many other factors. The best way to find out is to ask qualified doctor and make some tests. Don’t be afraid to know the truth as the earlier you’ll start the treatment – the better could be your results.

Also, as you may know, there are two main STD-types: viral and bacterial. The first one are not curable. You can take under control it’s symptoms, but you can’t get rid of it. As for the bacterial STDs – they are usually treated by antibiotic course. You should consult with the doctor in any way and be very exact in following the instructions.

We made the list of curable and incurable sexually transmitted diseases – take a look.


Question: How can I get Gonorrhea?

Answer: On that page dedicated to gonorrhea bacterial infection, we have a section where you can find how it is contracted. In a few words – if you do unprotected sex, you’re in the risk zone. Even a simple close physical contact like petting, kiss or a handshake can make you such a “gift”.


Question: I want to know symptoms of syphilis?

Answer: You should remember that syphilis as well as many other STDs can progress asymptomatically, but we can subdivide 3 main stage of it:

  1. Chancre. It could be painless and it can go away even if you will not treat it.
  2. Second stage – patchy rashes primarily mostly placed on hands or soles. It also doesn’t need special medicine to wanish.
  3. The thirds stage is the most dangerous. It can cause permanent damage. Once syphilis damaged you – it cannot be reversed.

You can find detailed information on that page.