STDs FAQ – Most Common Questions

Here we summed up some common questions about STDs. This is the first page, dedicated to them, if you didn’t find the answer to your question on that very page, please, check up the other similar pages called “STDs FAQ”.

FAQ - Stop STD

Question: Can I die from Hepatitis B?

Answer: We’ll start with the good news – there is a vaccine that can prevent getting thin kind of hepatitis, but sometimes hepatitis-b can be deadly. There are two types of people – those whose immune system can fight the virus and those – who can’t. When your body is not able to win this fight, you become a chronic carrier. Such people are risking for cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer which are deadly.


Question: Can herpes affect pregnancy?

Answer: Complications are rare, the most risky thing is when a woman has the first outbreak during the pregnant or if a newborn is exposed to the herpes during delivery process. To escape such complications – warn the doctors so that they can keep an eye out for any outbreak. If there will be a danger for a child – caesarean section would be a solution.


Question: What is in common between HIV and other STDs?

Answer: The point is that misfortune never comes alone, and if you diagnosed with one STD, doctors usually insist on doing tests and checks for the other kinds of it. The relation between STDs and HIV is that when you’re ill you’re more vulnerable to contracting HIV, which causes AIDS. It’s all about protective barrier that is weakened by STDs.