STDs FAQ – Most Common Questions

Here we summed up some common questions about STDs. This is the first page, dedicated to them, if you didn’t find the answer to your question on that very page, please, check up the other similar pages called “STDs FAQ”.

FAQ - Stop STD

Question: How to prevent STDs?

Answer: If you want to be protected for 100% – do not have sex. Unfortunately such way is a way too radical, so here we made a list of things that you can do to prevent STDs:

  1. Safe sex. Please, use latex condoms even if you’re doing oral or anal sex, for viruses it’s all the same. There are some rules for it too:
    • Do not use condoms with expired shelf life.
    • Use condom before the sexual intercourse begins.
    • Check the integrity of the condom before putting it on.
    • If the condom is without lubricant, you’ll have to lubricate it with glycerine or contraceptive ointment then before the sexual act starts to avoid the gap.
    • The end of the condom should be free (for erupting sperm).

    Note: For oral sex you can use special latex dental dams.

  2. Personal hygiene – wash your hands, try to avoid places and contacts that can result in STDs. If you had sexual contact with person that could be infected – wash your body thoroughly, especially lower abdomen, genitals, hips and other part that can contact infected skin. Use soap and antiseptic and don’t forget to visit doctor after it.
  3. Use local bactericidal agents.
  4. Make regular visits to gynecologist or urologist – remember that timely and qualified treatment could be a key-factor to your happy and healthy life.
  5. There is a vaccination against certain types of viruses (HPV, hepatitis B).