How to Prevent Gonorrhea Infection?

As you already know, 99% of all gonorrhea infected people got it after sex, we could say that the best prevention is sex refusal, but at least you can use latex condoms during the whole process.

What Else You Can Do to Be Safe:

  1. Reduce the number of your sexual partners and be sure that they are not infected.
  2. It would be great if you will not only check partners, but also make regular visits to doctor too.
  3. Along with condoms you can also use water-based spermicides for a traditional vaginal penetration. Unfortunately that kind of protection is useless when we’re talking about oral or anal kind sex.

Note: Please, remember that prompt and qualified medical treatment and your exact adherence to all instructions are important steps towards long and happy life without STDs.

Gonorrhea prevention

What Instructions Can Be Prescribed?

  1. Don’t stop taking the pills before the treatment course came to an end. Even if you feel better.
  2. Remember that if you have gonorrhea at least one more person also have it and needs treatment. Warn all your sexual partners about your illness and start treatment all together.
  3. Usually if you have gonorrhea – you’ll need to have a check on chlamydia.
  4. Abstain from any sexual activity until all partners will be healthy.