Hepatitis – It’s Kinds, How it is Contracted and What Are the Symptoms

Do you actually know what hepatitis is? It is an inflammatory liver disease and it is one of the most wide-spreaded liver diseases in the world. Every year there are about 1.5 million people dying from different kinds of hepatitis. By the way, how many types of it you know?

Besides viral hepatitis that are subdivided on hepatitis A, B, C, E, D, F and G there also are alcoholic hepatitis, toxic, autoimmune and bacterial types of it. As we’re here talking about STDs we’ll consider here only the viral kinds.


What is Viral Hepatitis and How it Can Be Contracted?

1) Hepatitis A. It is a kind of food borne infection which affects liver cells. Usual sources of contamination are dirty water, food and household items (dishes, towels and so on). If we’re talking about sexual sphere – you can get hepatitis A through anal-oral contact. This disease never goes into chronic form. Usually, a person that was infected with hepatitis A once – get’s immunity to the pathogen for the rest of life.

2) Hepatitis B, C and D have something in common – as they are classified as a group of so-called parenteral (blood-borne) liver diseases.

B-type can also be contracted from seminal fluid and vaginal secretions. It can also be spread from a mother to her baby during the childbirth, as vell as C-type.

You can’t get C-type by having sex, this one is all about infected blood, contaminated razors and needles and other tools that haven’t been properly sanitized including pedicure once. D-type is the one that you can get by having sex with HIV-infected person or by infected blood.

3) Hepatitis E is a so-called “dirty-hands-disease”. It can be transmitted through food and water and also through the blood. This kind of hepatitis is very dangerous for pregnants as it cause massive liver damage, premature birth and fetal damage.

4) For the moment Hepatitis F exist only in the form of scientific research this is the type of viruses that do not resemble already known groups. According to the genetic structure and the immunity reaction, it was decided to isolate new type into separate group.

Note: you can identify certain type of it with a blood test.

What Are the Symptoms of Hepatitis?

Although there are different types of it, the symptoms are practically the same:

  1. Flu-like symptoms like fatigue and fever.
  2. Light stools and dark urine colour.
  3. Yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes which is called jaundice.

Note: Among A-type symptoms also may be nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Cure for Hepatitis

Cure for Hepatitis A. Usually it passes by itself and does not require specific treatment. Patients should have more rest, follow a diet, take hepatoprotector medications and avoid drinking alcohol until they would be fully restored.

Cure for Hepatitis B. There are many types of antiviral drugs for it, but not all patients with c hepatitis B need to take medicine. Patients should consult a physician or other specialist with experience in treating hepatitis B to get the proper treatment.

Cure for Hepatitis C. Most people infected with C-type have its chronic form. The standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C is a combination therapy with a double antiviral drug – PEGInterferon and Ribavirin. Other types of drugs can also be used – consult your doctor and do special tests to get proper treatment.

Cure for Hepatitis D – the same thing as C-type. You’d better consult your therapist and do special tests. In other ways you can make it worse.

What if Hepatitis is Not Treated?

A-type and E-type usually go away over time, they don’t lead to chronic disease. Unfortunately such types as B and C can cause complications like cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and liver cancer. As for the D-type – it also may lead to liver cancer if it is not treated. We strongly insist you to consult your doctor, especially if hepatitis became a chronic disease. It’s life-dangerous illness and it takes all your attention to cure it or at least not aggravate.

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What is hepatitis?

What is hepatitis?