All You Need to Know About Herpes

Let’s start with the definition. Herpes or herpes simplex is a viral disease that cause specific rash of grouped vesicles on the lips (usually).

About 90% of the world’s population are infected with herpes. Once in the body, this virus remains there forever. Stress, weather conditions and certain food can be the reason of a herpes outbreak.

How Can You Get Herpes?

Herpes can be transmitted through sexual contact, airborne, generic (from mother to child during the childbirth) and even by simple handshake, household items or a kiss.

If you’re using a condom – that could help, but when it comes to oral sex – there is no prevention. At home you can wash hands, it can minimize transmission.

What Are the Symptoms?

Nowadays we know not only the viral nature of herpes, but also 8 types of this virus. The most common are three types: type I – appear on lips, type II – causes diseases of the reproductive system, type III – causes varicella and shingles.

The typical symptoms of herpes are rashes in the form of vesicles that can appear on lips, mucous membranes (nose and mouth) and on genitals. Before herpetic vesicles you can feel appear: itching, burning, tingling. It is better to start medicinal therapy at that stage to prevent the rashes.

Sometimes there could be atypically symptoms like discharge, itching, burning, crotch cracks, edema or reddening of mucous membranes. Symptom of such a form of herpes can also be pain in the lower abdomen or sometimes patients complain of “radiculitis” attacks.

How to Treat Herpes?

Medicinal treatment of herpes should be prescribed by a doctor – dermatovenereologist, gynecologist, urologist or immunologist. It’s very individual so you’ll have to make tests and only after that you’ll get prescription.

During the treatment, lip balms containing petrolatum and allantoin are well suited for moisturizing and softening herpetic ulcers.

If the herpes attacks more than 3 times a year, serious approach is required. Without individual complex immunotherapy aimed to immunity normalization it is practically impossible to cure relapsing herpes. In severe cases vaccine prevention can be used.

What if You Don’t Treat Herpes?

There is no life-threat, but that can reduce the quality of your life. Also you can be the reason why 100% instead of 90% of people on the Planet would have herpes.

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What is herpes?

Herpes on face.

What is herpes?

Herpes on lips.

What is herpes?

Herpes on penis.