HIV and AIDS What Is the Difference?

HIV infection is a disease.

It is caused by HIV – human immunodeficiency virus. Immunodeficiency is a condition in which the body can not resist various infections.

HIV deprive human immune system ability to resist other diseases and infections (for example, tuberculosis, fungi, even common cold).

What is HIV aids?

AIDS is an advanced stage of HIV infection.

AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is when immunity is weakened so much that other diseases take an irreversible course and lead to death.

How Is HIV and AIDS Contracted?

HIV is contained in blood, semen, vaginal secretion and mother’s milk. Infection can be transmitted through sexual contact, during the childbirth and blood transfusion.

The ways of HIV infection are different, but to get infected the amount of HIV should be sufficient.
HIV infection is not transmitted in home!

Note: for some infected people symptoms develop in a very short time, but for some it takes years for symptoms to appear.

What is HIV aids?

What Are the Symptoms for HIV and AIDS?

Symptoms that appear in an HIV-positive woman are extremely diverse. That is because of the immunity decrease. One of the first signs of HIV is an unjustified increase of the body temperature. As a rule it reaches 39-40 degrees and lasts for several days (from 2 to 10). There also may be headache, weakness, arthralgia and sweating, mainly at night. Decreased appetite, diarrhea and even depression.

All of the above signs can be observed in both men and women. However, there are a number of symptoms inherent only in the female body.

What Are the Symptoms for HIV and AIDS for Women?

These symptoms are anorexia, infections of the pelvic organs, various vaginal infections. A woman should consult a doctor if her menstruation is accompanied by severe pain and lymph nodes are enlarged in the inguinal area. Also, if in the intermenstrual period you’re troubled by abundant mucous discharge – that is a sign.

Note: If you are pregnant and HIV-positive, take AZT throughout the whole period of pregnancy and during the childbirth. That could give a chance for having a healthy child.

What Are the Symptoms for HIV and AIDS for Men?

Sometimes at the initial stages of HIV there is an increase in the liver and spleen. A man can also suffer from diarrhea. Appearance of all these symptoms is a good reason to go to the AIDS center and make HIV tests.

What Are the Tests for HIV?

A pretty simple blood test can tell you everything about HIV. All sexually active people and their partners should be tested yearly as 1) disease can occur without symptoms and 2) it develops over the years.

Is There Any Treatment for HIV and AIDS?

HIV therapy remains the most complex and unsolved problem. There are no means to cure patients with HIV infection. There are, antiretroviral therapy, prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, as well as pathogenetic treatment of certain syndromes. Antiretroviral therapy allows achieving a reliable lengthening of life expectancy and delaying the development of AIDS.

Successful treatment of HIV patients requires: the availability of chemotherapeutic drugs directed directly at HIV, availability of drugs for the treatment of opportunistic parasitic, bacterial, viral, protozoal or fungal infections that determine the clinical course of infection for each particular person. Immunodeficiency, autoimmune and immune complex syndromes drugs correction.

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What is HIV aids?