The List of Most Common STD Symptoms

We decided that it would be more comfortable if we’ll make one page that will contain short description for each STD so that you can quickly identify your possible infection, or just be aware.

Symptoms of STD

  1. Chancroid – a bright red spot, rapidly turning into a painful, soft ulcer that may bleed and cause pain during coitus. If it is in your mouth than you can feel pain during the swelling, also lymph nodes are swollen.
  2. Chlamydia – in men can cause: burning during urination and sexual intercourse, pain during a micturition, burning and redness near the external opening of the urethra.

    In women: appearance of abundant purulent and mucous vaginal discharge. Girls can have frequent and painful misconceptions and discharge. Also pain in the rectum, perineum and in the lumbar region is possible.

  3. Crabs STD – itching, spots, dark spots on underwear, blisters, lice themselves or nits.
  4. Gonorrhea – severe burning, as well as pain in urethra, frequent urge to urinate, thick, yellow-brown discharge with unpleasant odor that go from the urethra.
  5. Hepatitis – dark urine, fatigue, loss of appetite, discomfort in the abdomen (at the right, where the liver is located), jaundice.
  6. Herpes – rash of small painful blisters on the skin of the face, as well as on the mucous lips, nose and genitals. The skin on the affected areas blisters and swells.
  7. HIV/ AIDS – fever, swollen glands, sore throat, fatigue, headaches, pain in muscles and joints.
  8. HPV/ Warts – papillary formations (warts, condylomas) on the human skin or in the genital area.
  9. Molluscum contagiosum – rashes on the skin in the form of pimples (papules), ranging in size from 1-2 to 10 mm, indent in the center.
  10. Scabies – intense itching mainly at night, rash which can result in little bumps, open sores caused by scratching, thick skin crust.
  11. Syphilis – actually that depends on the stage – we have detailed description in the page, dedicated to this STD, but at the initial and secondary stage you can feel fever, rash, pain in muscles and joints, swollen lymph nodes and sore throat also chancres may appear.
  12. Trichomoniasis – in men – irritation inside the penis, slight pain during urination or ejaculation, sense of burning.

    In women: copious yellow vaginal discharge, itching or pain during intercourse and urination.

  13. Vaginal Yeast – itching, burning, pain during sexual intercourse, rash, soreness, also you can find the changes in the amount and colour of your vaginal discharge.
  14. Vaginosis (BV) – abundant (up to 20-30 ml per day) gray discharge from the vagina. The discharges are quite liquid and differ in characteristic fishy smell, which increases after sexual intercourse.
  15. Yeast in Men – red rash on penis accompanied with burning and itching on its tip.
  16. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – pain in the lower part of the belly or in the lower abdominal area, fatigue, weakness, nausea, fever, pain during sex and urination.