My Symptoms Are: Vaginal Itching, Burning and Irritation – What is It?

Say no word, it is understandable that such symptoms are very disturbing and they reduce the quality of life. Besides, they could be the signs of some very unpleasant STD which should be treated as fast as it is possible as you know, the earlier you will start treatment – the better are your chances on a complete recovery without serious consequences.

Vaginal itching

What Are the Reasons for Vaginal Itching, Burning and Irritation?

It’s not always a STD, sometimes there are more natural reasons for it, for example:

  1. Menopause or hormonal change. The reason why the skin may be itching is that the body loses estrogen which is oiling skin.
  2. This could be a chemical reaction to some shower gel or washing powder, that is why you should be very careful when you’re taking a shower and it is better to iron your underwear as heat kills some of the viruses.
  3. In some cases pregnancy is the answer.
  4. Contact Dermatitis. This one is skin inflammation and the reason for it is allergic or irritant reactions. Nothing in common with STDs, but also very unpleasant.
  5. Eczema and Psoriasis. The first one is mysterious as its nature is unclear and the second is incurable and rapidly-growing, both are bad news.

But we’re here to talk about STD, so let’s proceed with possible kinds of complications and infections, according to that point of view.

What STDs Has These Symptoms (itching, burning or irritation) and What Other Reasons May Cause It?

  1. Chlamydia. One of the most vide-spread STDs. Sometimes this disease is asymptomatic, but in other cases itching-burning-irritation could be a sign. We recommend do not ignore it as if not treated chlamydia can cause PID which in its turn can result in infertility.
  2. Genital Herpes. The one you can easily get from your partner. For all the diseases that are mentioned here we have separate pages with detailed description, so you can surf the website a little to know more. To be short, lets say that its frequent recurrences dramatically reduces immunity resistance. Because of that, the pathogen bacterial flora can be activated, causing the development of such diseases as bacterial urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc. and these thing are not easily cured.
  3. HPV or Human Papillomavirus. Most papillomas are not dangerous for the human health, but some of them can be really dangerous as they cause genital warts or may be the reason for cancer.
  4. Gonorrhea. This one is highly contagious bacterial infection and moreover it can spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. We believe you can imagine the consequences.
  5. Trichomoniasis. This one have something in common with previous – they both are difficult to be diagnosed as symptoms are not that obvious, but it’s still very dangerous.
  6. Vaginitis. In that case an unpleasant smell will also be one of the symptoms. The name of the disease sound scare, but it is pretty well treated by antibiotic course.
  7. Bacterial Vaginosis. Sound even more scary than the previous one, right? And it really is, as an untimely treatment can cause HIV and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
  8. Yeast Infection or Candidiasis. As you can understand from its name, this disease is caused by yeast growth. It is horrible because that can happen to a women at any moment as these bacterias are always inside of your body. Usually they are under control, but under the influence the situation may change.

How You Can Stop Itching, Burning and Irritation of Vagina?

Let’s subdivide advice on medical treatment and home remedies.

As for the first one – start with the visit to doctor. You can see above how many problems are possible with these symptoms and we’re sure you won’t be able to identify the type of disease on your own. You need a qualified medical help and to get it you’ll have to make tests. Usually smear and physical examination are enough to get right diagnosis.

If we’re talking about things that you can do on your own, the following recommendations can be helpful:

  1. Scented and flavored pads, toilet paper and so on smell good, but it is an additional source of irritation for your skin. Try to reduce their amount.
  2. Use water and soap when washing your genital area and it is not recommended to do it more that once in a day.
  3. Change your underwear every day and try to buy thing made from natural fabrics.
  4. Use condoms.
  5. If you have some symptoms and suspect having an STD – do not have sexual intercourse. Also do not do it during the treatment course.
  6. Do not scratch the zone with the problem.
  7. If you have a baby girl, pay very careful attention to her diapers, they should be clean, so change them as frequent as it is possible.

Some Frequently Asked Question about Most Common STDs Symptoms:

Question: What should I do if I have vaginal itching and I’m pregnant?

Answer: The first thing that you should remember is that you’re body is drastically changing, but that doesn’t’ mean that you should ignore these symptoms. Always consult your doctor and start treatment if it is needed only after you will know what kind of problem you have.


Questions: My vaginal discharge are brown – what is it?

Answer: If that happened after your menstruation, that it is 90% that everything is fine and your body just made some cleaning. If that is lasting for several days and is not related to your menstruation – this could be a sign for Pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical cancer. Don’t postpone you visit to medical care center.